Cosmetic Surgery Tips

Plastic Surgery: Mistakes To Avoid Before & After The Operation

Do you want to increase the volume of your breasts? Are you hesitating between lipofilling and breast implants? Or maybe you want to sculpt your figure and give yourself an hourglass figure? Thanks to the evolution of aesthetic and surgical techniques, everything has become possible.

With the artistic touch of a surgeon qualified in cosmetic surgery, know that you will have the opportunity to obtain a result that meets your expectations while being safe before, during, and after the procedure.

But is it just the effort of the surgeon? The answer is no! During your first interview with the cosmetic surgeon, it is essential to study all of your motivations for performing the surgery in question and carrying out all the necessary medical examinations.

Cosmetic surgery and psychological risks

Despite the endless efforts of plastic surgeons, the patient may not accept his new image and not recognize himself in his new body and appearance. Therefore, it is very important to prepare well psychologically for the change and be sure of your decision before taking action.

Cosmetic surgery: pre and post-operative precautions

To avoid :
1. Taking certain medications without the approval of your surgeon 15 days before the cosmetic procedure. ( Example: aspirin and contraceptive pill.)
2. Ignore redness and post-operative pain.
To recommend:
1. Inform your plastic surgeon about your health problems and take his advice before consuming any type of medication that promotes bleeding.
2. Whether it is fever, redness, or unbearable pain, it is essential to alert your surgeon to avoid infection and possible contamination.

Cosmetic surgery and healing problems

To avoid:
Do not follow the surgeon’s recommendations and consume tobacco before the surgery.
To recommend:
Stop smoking 15 days before the date of your cosmetic surgery and avoid exposure to the sun.

Breast augmentation and risk of rejection of breast implants

To avoid:
The practice of sporting activity after the intervention and during the period of recovery.
To recommend:
Wearing clothing and restraining bandages placing breast implants. Do not make great efforts for the duration agreed with the doctor.

Although the plastic surgeon works upstream with his patient by doing 3D simulations to show him the physical change that will take place, each patient must apply their doctor’s advice precisely to guarantee the desired result and to avoid any post-operative complications that can arise and spoil the happiness of its promise of beauty.